about_picI have always felt drawn to visual arts and since early childhood I’ve wanted to be an artist. Later on during my studies in German linguistics I happened to discover the tempting world of photography. This was more than enough to wake my thirst for creating and art. Since then photography became my strongest passion, that makes my fantasies go wild and gives them a visible form.

The main theme in my photographic work is beauty in all its forms and variations. In my photographs I’m trying to show the beauty in the world the way I see it. For me photography is a way to create reality through and from fantasy.

If you are a model that would like to play a leading role in some of the realisations of my fantasies, or you are a client, that needs a creative image solution or probably design for a website, please, contact me. Meanwhile I hope you will enjoy my world.

Photography & Design Services

  • Portrait Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Travel Photography
  • Act Photography
  • Architecture Photography
  • Pet Photography
  • Nature Photography
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Custom QR Code Design
  • Logo Design