The Magical Sorapis Lake, The Dolomites

Sorapis Lake is one of the gems in the Dolomites. It’s easy to reach with a 2 hours and 5 km long hike from Tre Croci Pass.

I knew beforehand from photos in across the net that the lake has a very unusual color and is very beautiful in general. But my reaction when I first glimpsed it was to exclaim “Wow!!!”.
Words cannot describe it and photos cannot do it justice, it’s just simply breathtaking. You stare at the lake and can’t believe your eyes, how is it possible that such beauty is displayed before you?

The only downside is that it is a relatively popular destination and in July and August it tends to get crowded. I visited it in the end of June, when the crowds were still bearable, but I bet that in the Spring/Autumn the lake would be very serene when there are not much tourists around.